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Object: capture your opponent's King

starting position
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Moves as in standard chess. Can't leave his 3 x 4 square palace, can't face opponent's King on the same file with no pieces between them. In this position, the white King can't move left because the black King is on that file, and can't move forward because that would take him outside the palace.

Moves diagonally or orthogonally until it reaches a piece of either color, which it jumps, landing immediately beyond & possibly capturing. Can also move one square (without capturing) in any direction.



Makes a 3 + 1 leap (compare to the 2 + 1 leap of the Knight in standard chess). Can also move (but not capture) one square orthogonally (up/down, left/right).

Moves one square in any direction.



Elephant - moves one square forward orthogonally or diagonally, or back one square diagonally.  If either forward diagonal square is empty, it can continue from that square one square forward or sideways (away from the starting square).

  Pawns move & capture like Pawns in standard chess. The 3rd-rank pawns can move one or two squares on their first move. No en passant. At 10th rank promotes to Queen, Elephant, Horse, or Cannon.  

  Bishop - Moves as in standard chess.
Rook - Moves as in standard chess.
Queen - Moves as in standard chess.
Checking one's opponent 7 consecutive times without a capture by either side loses the game.
After 20 full moves without a capture or pawn move (& without a loss under the 7 checks rule) the game will be counted as a draw.
Move a piece by first clicking on it, then clicking on its destination square.
Time control is 4 days per move, at the end of which time the player awaiting his turn can claim a win.
This site is based on Some Chess 2.0, and uses graphics from here.
Download .zrf for use with Zillions here.
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